Saturday, August 10, 2013

To Accept or not to Accept #BlogElul

IT WAS 1984...I can't change the title on this picture
Blogging every day is not as easy as it appears.  Tonight I asked Arthur, what comes to his mind when I say accept.  He immediately told me that he accepts me for all my faults. After thinking about this I promptly told him that I accept him for all of his faults as well.  Our 29th wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, September 2.  Both of us do accept one another and of course our kids as we go through life.

A-Rod answering questions

I pushed Arthur  more on the word accept and he said A-rod, Alex Rodriquez has not accepted guilt for  his cheating, for his use of performance enhancing drugs.  Sports figures whether we like it or not are also heroes that our children try to emulate.  When someone like A-rod can't accept that he has done something wrong this does not bode well for society.  What lesson does this teach?  It is not always easy to accept what life has given us.  I see family, friends and newsmakers accepting life events sometimes with grace and sometimes with whatever is the opposite of grace.  During the month of Elul I certainly think about  what I need to accept and what I have the strength to change.  Good thing I have a partner who keeps me on my toes and has helped me keeping up with blogging Elul.
My family, who I accept and accepts me.

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