Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#BlogElul 21 Change Again

Oy Change again.  As I said last week, no one likes change and here we have another blog on change. In the end though, change is good, very good in fact.  Here is my story about change which I forgot about last week so I am glad I have another opportunity to blog about change!

David Bryfman
  I have heard David Bryfman, Director of the New Center for Collaborative Leadership at The Jewish Education Project in New York at an ICenter conference and his words have haunted me ever since.  He told us that if our organization had not changed in the last 5 years that in 5 more years your institution might not exist.  

I think about the organizations I belong to NATE; or my home institution Lakeside or even OSRUI andI actually think that we have made changes in the last 5 years and we plan on making more changes that will help enhance our institutions.  Sometimes we resist change but when it is successful we are eager to embrace it.  As we head into 5774 change something in your life whether it be at work, camp, home or when you pray.  One change could lead to another.  

This post is part of #BlogElul, a series of social media posts created during Elul, the month preceding the High Holidays. During Elul, it is customary for Jews to prepare spiritually for the upcoming new year. An annual project, #Blog Elul is the brainchild of Rabbi Phyllis Sommer.

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