Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#Blogelul 13 Forgive

I think that this website from g-dcast is great.  The escape goat allows you to write anonymously what you need to ask forgiveness for this year.  You can then see a list of what other people have written and if you follow Escapegoat on twitter you will get updated tweets of what other people have submitted. 

Some of the submissions are very very funny:  I told my rabbi I went to the pez museum on Sunday, but it was really Shabbat or  I fart on airplanes. It's gross.

Some were sad and more serious:  I am having a passionate, thrilling extra-marital affair, entirely via email.  If you are so inclined to do your forgiving this way check it out. 

This post is part of #BlogElul, a series of social media posts created during Elul, the month preceding the High Holidays. During Elul, it is customary for Jews to prepare spiritually for the upcoming new year. An annual project, #Blog Elul is the brainchild of Rabbi Phyllis Sommer.

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