Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thankful for Community, Kehillah, Community

Sometimes by Thursday night I am all out of energy after a long week.  Last week was long indeed and this week looks to be even longer.  Last Thursday on my way to pick up one son my car's battery decided to stall out.  At least I was at the gas station when the battery died.  I knew I had a shiva minyan to lead in 2 hours and although it was not particularly cold or snowy I was worried that AAA would be busy.  I quickly called Douglas Towing, I know the owners and who comes to jump my battery but my former Bar Mitzvah student and gives me a big hug.  He immediately jumped my car and when I asked how much I owed he said nothing. Don't worry I gave him a nice tip. That's my community.

I then made my way to the shiva minyan for a Lakeside congregant, on time I might add and although shiva's are by nature sad, I was very happy to see many congregants in attendance including many of my B'nai Mitzvah students who are friends of the grandchildren.  They did a nice job helping me lead t'filot. That's my community.

This week I know my community will be here as I go in February 19 for a "scope" of my knee.  I have been limping around for a month and believe this will be the answer for me.  It is an easy process one done at a clinic as an out patient process.  I have cleared my calendar for a week and having just said that hope to be back at work sooner than later.

There is a great blog post going around by Coffee Shop Rabbi giving reasons why people should join synagogues.  She mentions being able to pray with a community and being a part of a caring community as just a few of the reasons why she likes being a member of a synagogue (even though she herself is a Rabbi).  I too like being part of a community and will send out updates on how the "scope" goes tomorrow.  Many people have checked in already and I thank them for that.  It's just  too bad I can't tweet the surgery.  I bet that would get a lot of hits.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Social Media Redeux

I have blogged about social media and am happy to talk about it whenever asked.  Recently the Chicago BJE asked local educators if they were willing to do short videos on topics of interest and passion.  I immediately volunteered to do not just an interview but an iMovie on social media.

I have had a good time learning how to make iMovie's, posting them to youtube and of course showing them to the intended audience and waiting for reaction. Again another plug for Apple One to One Classes, they taught me everything I know about iMovie.  They could't be more helpful and you can schedule them at your convenience.

This youtube link to my iMovie gives you a quick look at some good reasons to stay on top of social media.  Let me know what you think.  Vanessa's Youtube:  Social Media 2014-5774