Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blog Ideas: Got a good one let me know!

No one said blogging would be easy; I try to post at least once a week and then cross post in my Lakeside email blast, Machberet.  At this time every week I start asking "what should I write about?" Depending on the time of day I ask different circles of friends, co-workers and family.  My co-workers are very patient with me and give me all types of suggestions.  My family (read children) sometimes tell me that they should not be asked to do MY work.  Inevitably I do get suggestions for what to write.  I then cull out what I thinks fits best for the week and start to write.  Some weeks topics are easy especially seasonal, current events or a special event that may be coming up. It's January, Tu B'shevat is 2 weeks away so again this week I asked what should I blog and this is what I got:

SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder:  I still may write disorder but I am not a doctor and could not really think of any feel good ending.  The only thing I came up with is to suggest a visit to Lakeside and to attend our services which I believe will leave you feeling good.

Gun Control:  I am all for Gun control and in fact we have sponsored many programs here on this very topic.  I am not sure what I could add to the conversation at this time.  I am very proud that the Reform movement has recently come out strongly for gun control.  I don't mind taking a stance but what new information or ideas can I add to this topic.  I may eventually find a niche to talk about Jewish lessons in Religious School which have to do with gun control.

The weather:  We live in Chicago what is there to say? It's cold, or it's not as cold as it was or it's snowing or it's not snowing.  Even in the summer this is not always a fun topic.  I could talk about global warming which I BELIEVE is happening but not sure I have enough to add on this topic.  The only time Educational directors talk about the weather is when everyone wants to know if we are CANCELING school because of it.

2016 Television Shows:  There are some new TV shows on this month but I don't have that much time to watch a new show.  I am also Not a fan of reality TV.  I know there are some great shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and just on my DVR list.  It can be overwhelming trying to watch all the shows that are being talked about on line, in person or in our classrooms.  Should I watch TV so I can talk to my students, learn more about what's happening in the world or just watch Downton Abby over and over?

Politics is out.  No good can come from me doing a political blog.

I do enjoy sharing my thoughts in my blog and I think it is important to spread the word on special programs, Camp (OSRUI of course), simchas and other special events.  In all seriousness if you have a great idea for a blog post let me know.  I would love to hear from you.  In the meantime I will keep blogging away and hope to find just the right sweet spot of topics.  

Have ideas? Respond to this blog or email me at: