Sunday, August 11, 2013

There are the things I know for sure...

These are the things I know for sure:

If I am not working on Sunday it must be summertime.

If all of my children are not in the same room with me my cell phone is on.

If it is the end of camp season  it is time to start working on next year's camp limud.

If I don't plan for it to rain it will rain and if I do plan for rain it will be sunny.

If it is August I will talk to many people looking to join a synagogue.

If it is summer it seems I have more time to read a book here and there.  (check out my books on my Goodreads page)

Sami and Brian
During the summer my simchas are usually weddings, B'nai Mitzvah to start soon in the fall.
Ronnie, Benj and Cousins

During August I need to order books, register  students, look for teachers' contracts in the mail and just get ready for school.

If it's Elul I must be blogging.

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