Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#BlogElul BE a Dugmah, Example, Dugmah (Clap)

When I saw Be as the word to blog today, I thought Dugmah, meaning example or BE AN EXAMPLE.  I suppose that comes to mind as I have only been back from camp for a week and when I am at camp and even at Lakeside I realize that not only am I a dugmah but also my madrichim, (counselors) and my teachers are dugmaot (plural of dugmah) for all of the children (and their parents too).

Dedicated 2013 Kallah Gimmel Staff 
It is not always easy to be a dugmah,   When everyone is tired you need to be awake and peppy, when everyone is bored you have to be interested, when everyone is supposed to be quiet but they are talking, you have to quiet.  Our Madrichim at OSRUI are trained and work hard all summer and are great dugmaot for our kids.  Campers love their Ivirt, (Hebrew) classes because they are taught by madrichim as is our limud, (education period at camp).  Anything our madrichim do in front of our campers is "cool". I thank them from the bottom of my heart for being so enthusiastic all summer long.

Teachers are also hard working and  are great dugmaot for our students.  They come to t'filot, (services), they plan for hours for their weekly/daily lessons.  I am happy to be a part of both groups at camp and at home and realize that I am a dugmah.  I think about what I do and hope that my actions along with my words speak for themselves.

Lakeside Teacher, Denise Goldberg
Being a dugmah is a concept which is not easy to teach and sometimes when either a teacher or madrich falls down in this area it is especially hard to watch.  Lessons can be learned but I think the lesson comes home when a madrich sees a camper who wants to become a counselor and teachers see their older students become teacher aides.  During Elul I thank all of our madrichim, teachers and all those engaged in education.  We are all dugmaot.

Lakeside Teacher, Sheri Bulwa

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