Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#BlogElul 25 HOPE and #Blogelul 29 Return Shana Tova

Sunday's are never an easy day for me.  I am up early with Religious School and last Sunday I had not one but TWO fantastic Jewish events after a wonderful day at Religious School.  Sunday at the AMC movie theater in Northbrook OSRUI hosted a first time do it yourself reunion which featured a premiere of the 2015 Camp video and other videos from the camp vault.  Free popcorn and a drink and we all settled in for a fun afternoon.  Jerry Kaye, Susan Alexander and Max Weinberg were there to greet everyone, give out raffle prizes and remind us that registration starts this week.  It was fun to see campers and parents and the videos was the ice cream on the cake.

Running from the do it yourself reunion at the movie theater I then was a presenter at NFTY CAR's (Northern Federation of Temple Youth, Chicago Area Region) Leadership Training Institute.  The title of my presentation: Let's Get Technical, centered around blogging, tweeting, instagram and Facebook.  How teens can make all of this social media work for them and their organizations.
Both of these events give me such hope.  Hope for the future of the Jewish people.  I spend many hours contemplating,working and thinking about this same future. After seeing all of these dedicated students, leaders, and parents I know we are on the right track.  We might needs some tweaking and adjusting as we reach the finish line but I think the Jewish community can come together and make

There was a movie theater full of Jewish kids who couldn't wait to get back to camp next summer. Actually counting the days until Summer begins.  Until they can Return to camp.  I remember what it is like to live the year waiting to see your camp and youth group friends.  I am still friends with the friends I made in youth group and grew up with at my synagogue.

 I like being part of the next generation and having been in the "business" for over 25 years I am now watching the  children of my first chevre of students and campers coming of age.  The children of the children I first trained are almost ready to take over.  I'll take it.  Shana Tova 5775!