Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#BlogElul 21 Dare to laugh

This morning I started the morning at my monthly CATE (Chicago Association of Temple Educators) meeting and for the first half hour of the meeting we laughed.  It was scheduled laughing.  We had a meditation session with Dr. Om Johari, where he runs a weekly program on Wednesday's in the board room of Northbrook's village hall.  We started and ended the session with laughter.  We found out that laughter helps your blood pressure, it is anti-aging as it brings blood to your face and it is an aerobic workout for your inner organs.  This is all good news as I love to laugh and have been known to have fits of giggles.

One High Holy day service I got the giggles right as t'filot were beginning to start.  I was laughing silently (which we learned today is also good for you) and I was laughing so hard I started crying.  A concerned congregant turned around and wanted to know if I was ok.  I shook my head and said I was  fine.  My family was not too happy with me but this phenomena happens has happened to me many times.

I am glad that laughter is good for you because I laugh.  So I dare you to laugh; wake up laughing, go to bed laughing, just laugh.  As I review my year, as you should do during the month of Elul I realize that I laugh quite a bit when I am at camp.  Maybe with all of the release of endorphins that comes with laughing it is no wonder that  I have such a good time at camp!  Go ahead laugh.  Do yourself a favor.