Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Blogelul 14 Remember, not so easy on the first day of Hebrew school

Today was the first day of Hebrew school.  All of the teachers were ready to go back as were the students.  I think though for some students trying to remember where they left off on the last day of school back in May 3 and half months ago it was not easy.  

We assign summer packets which we hope that our students will complete so they can practice over the long months and our students practice at camp, come to t'filot over the summer, and even do their practice packages.  The first day isn't easy but our students will be remembering more and more as they gear up and begin their Hebrew studies.

Songs, practicing, drilling and just coming to class will help everyone to remember.  I tell parents who have not read Hebrew since they were in school that it is like riding a bicycle.  You never forget how to ride a bicycle and you never forget Hebrew:  you have to remember!