Thursday, September 18, 2014

#BlogElul 22 Love: I love connecting

I love connecting with people, through Lakeside Congregation, NATE, OSRUI, my water aerobics class at the JCC and whatever new activities I add to my schedule.  There are many ways to connect and in today's world you never know if your virtual connections, blogging, Facebook, Youtube or tweeting are being heard or not.

When someone mentions they like/saw/ noticed one of my endeavors I am always pleased.  I think commenting on virtual relationships is a wonderful intersection of virtual and in person relationships. Nothing replaces a comment from one person to another.  This week Rabbi Phyllis Sommer sent me this picture of a diet coke with my name on it.  It just tickled me.  It's nothing big, expensive, or time consuming.  It's thoughtful to get this from a friend as a text and I loved it.

Elul is drawing to a close and now is the time to connect with your friends by any means at your disposal.  Send a text, call a friend, invite someone for dinner.  You will feel great and I know you will love it.