Thursday, April 3, 2014

#BlogExodus Day 3: Enslave: What makes you a slave?

There are many things which enslave us, yes technology, whether it be email, Facebook or twitter.  Sometimes you can even be enslaved by your favorite TV shows. Although DVR and On demand features give us the opportunity to at least watch our TV shows at a time when it is convenient for us  Gone are the days when everyone stayed home to watch a certain show. These are first world enslavements.

My Rabbi, Ike Serotta once said that today with all of the gadgets which make our lives "easier" and making getting in touch with people "faster" it has added not just another level of stress to our lives but in the long run these time savers have made our day even longer.  I can barely remember a time when I didn't start my with reading and returning my emails.  Yes, I get much work done, I am in touch with many more people and agencies but my life is more hectic and my day broken into many parts.

I enjoy social media and I believe I have found a happy equilibrium in participating in social media and taking time to attend to longer tasks that take more concentration.

I know there are also serious things which can enslave us: poverty, substance abuse, human trafficking and a range of ills which affect us in 5774-2014.  Just by writing and keeping up with #BlogExodus we can be a part of something bigger and share our vision for our families or for the world: Let nothing enslave you!