Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#BlogExodus Day 1: I believe

I am ready to blogExodus.  For the next two weeks I will be blogging on these topics:
Thanks to Phyllis Sommer, @ImaBima for organizing, creating and being the inspiration for BlogElul and now BlogExodus.  Blogging every day takes discipline, creativity and time.  I hope to live up to this challenge.  

Today's topic is believe.  The first thing that came to my mind is the scene in Bull Durham which I would put here but it is a little too racy at the beginning (If you search  Bull Durham on youtube it will come straight up).  I did find another moment from Broadway the song I believe from Book of Mormon.  

Mormon belief maybe taking belief to its farthest extreme and certainly I do not fall into this category but there are some people, in many different religions who "just believe"

We have just worked on a logo for Lakeside's Religious and Hebrew school (thank you Kristy Scher, my admin and wonderful designer) and this does sum up what I believe.  

I believe in Religion and I like practicing it at Lakeside.  Our school is literally my business and I am passionate about Religious and Hebrew school.  Many times prospective members call me and ask if I think that it is OK to start school in let's say 3rd grade.  I always tell them you are talking to the wrong person.  I am paid to be the Director of Education  and I BELIEVE all students should begin in   Kindergarten after they have attended a Jewish pre-school.  Funny you can find a Jewish pre-school center at Lakeside as well.  
Hebrew I believe is where it is at for our students in supplementary school.  If we can give our students a love of the Hebrew language and not "JUST ENOUGH" Hebrew to get through B'nai Mitzvah I believe you will see a transformation in the end product with our students.  This is easier said then done but it is a goal to which I strive. 
School is the last word in our new logo and education for everyone is another one of my mantra's.  I believe that learning goes on from birth to death.  As I look back on my career I realize that as we get older and I include myself in this demographic education becomes even more important.  I look forward to learning in so many new and exciting ways and I try to learn something if not every day close to it.  I also believe in the wonderful project 36 Rabbis shaving for the Brave.  Tonight in downtown Chicago many of the over 70 Rabbi's will be shaving and they have raised over Half a MILLION dollars to eradicate childhood cancer.  There is still time to donate.  

 Great first topic Believe. Thanks Phyllis.  Can't wait for tomorrow:  Tell and since I am going to SEE the Shave for the Brave, I will have lots to tell!