Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seder in Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek and Old Yaffo

Singing the 4 Questions at the Dan Panorama
 in Israel

We made it and celebrated Seder with about 400 other people.  It was led by a Hazon (Cantor) with a choir of about 6 young men who sang beautifully throughout the seder.  All of our students went up and sang the 4 questions as you can see.  We were all so proud.

The Seder had many different tunes and most of us had just arrived so it was not easy staying up for the entire time.  Rabbi Serotta did gather us together at Seder to give a blessing reminding us that we had arrived and were traveling together in Israel.

All of us made it to the buffet dinner which was scrumptious with salads, carved meats, hot vegetables and so many dishes that can't be described.
And the winner is...

Some of us did not make it to all 4 cups of wine but  enjoyed the music and new experience of a Seder in Israel.  And you will never guess who stole the Afikomen and ransomed it back to the Leader of the Seder so the Seder could continue?  Yes it was  Max and look what he got as a present: an Israeli Tablet! Good job Max.

When we sang Next year in Jerusalem at the conclusion of the Seder it takes on a new meaning although we were not in Jerusalem we were pretty close.  We miss our families but at the same time glad to be with our Lakeside family!

This morning we took it easy and indulged at our breakfast buffet. There was no bread, or cereal but we had plenty to eat with cheeses, fish, homemade jelly, eggs, and of course matzah, matzah brei and Pesach cakes which were quite good.

In the afternoon we did a walking tour in Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv.   Here is a short explanation of what we saw: Neve tzedek (Oasis of Justice) is actually the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv. This neighborhood was founded in 1887 by Aharon Shlush, 22 years before Tel Aviv was founded. Shlush was a successful businessman who wanted to escape the crowded living quarters of Jaffa, and founded this neighborhood. Later, Neve tzedek was connected to Achuzat Bayit to form baby Tel Aviv. Many of the neighborhoods turn of the century houses can still be seen.

After Neve Tzedek we took a a look at the diverse community of Yaffo, old Jaffe.
 Our tour guides, one a Palestinian and one an Israeli from a program sponsored by the Reform community of Beit Daniel gave us the history of the area from both viewpoints and our group had many questions.  After a night on our own we are ready for tomorrow when we hit the rest of Tel Aviv and head north to Tiberias, Tzfat and the Gailil.