Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mysteries of Tzefat, Kabbalah and Chol Hamoed Pesach (intermediate Holiday days) Traffic

We left early to explore the mysteries of Tzefat, the city of Kabblah to our north.  We visited with David Friedman, artist and Kabbalah teacher and learned much from him and were able to buy some of our favorite Kabbalah pictures.  We just wish we could bring David back to the States and have other people experience him first hand.

We explored the different ancient synagogues of Tzefat and had our B'nai Mitzvah quad begin practicing for their Sunday B'nai Mitzvah by standing by the Ark and opening the curtain.  There were 3 different Arks in the Abuhav Synagogue with the help of Rabbi Serotta they did just fine.

We were able to find tallitot for our 3 B'not Mitzvah in Tzefat and I know they will have a good memory of where they bought their special tallit.  We enjoyed a kosher for Pesach meal on our own and then we were back on the bus to Tzippori.  Here is our bus driver Avne.  He has gotten us through the tight streets of Tzefat, the holiday traffic and even through into parking lots which are not bigger than a one way street in Jerusalem.  He also supplies us with cold water bottles for only 4 shekels.  Todah Rabah Avne!

As we continued our drive in the Galil, our guide, Gila, told us about the spy Elie Cohen, who was a Jew from Egypt and in the early 1960's infiltrated the Syrian army and had them plant eucalyptus trees by all of their bunkers and army bases to give their soldiers shade.  The Israelis were able to tell identify bunkers and army bases and captured the Golan Heights during the 1967 6 Day War. For more info on Eli Cohen, read, "Our Man in Damascus" by Eli Ben Hanan.

After Tzefat we made our way to Tzipori which is an archeological site with beautiful mosaics, Roman ruins and what might be the house of Yehudah HaNasi, author of the Mishnah.

The mosaics found here are so ornate it is hard to believe they are from the Byzantine period.
Some of the kids decided to stand on the Roman stage and theater we found at Tzipori.  On to Jerusalem, camel riding and more tomorrow.