Thursday, March 7, 2013

Journeys or What a Long Strange Trip it's been

Journeys or What a long Strange Trip it's been...

I have thought about writing a blog for a couple of years.  The first post is daunting and I know now that I must just be like Nachshon (the first of the Children of Israel to put his toe in and wade up to his neck in the Red Sea) and jump into the world of blogging.  As an educator I believe it is important to follow the mission and vision of where you want to go because otherwise any road will do if you don't know where you are going.

With that in mind I hope to blog about my experiences as a Jewish Educator, a mom of 3 children, who are ALL my favorite child, a daughter, wife and few other labels yet to be determined.

All of my favorite Children

 I am passionate about teaching my students about Jewish identity, Israel, history, Hebrew whether these topics are being experienced at Religious School, camp or in my own home.  Come along for the ride and as a great Prophet once told us:  "what a long strange trip it's been..."
Just a casual outing....