Saturday, March 30, 2013

Camel Riding and our Ascent to Jerusalem

Abraham welcoming us to his tent.
We left the busy and chaotic boardwalk of Tiberias for the peace and quiet of the  desert just outside of Jerusalem at the Inn of the Good Samaritans.  We met Abraham who welcomed us into his tent and then gave all who wanted them a camel ride.

We also became sheep herders for a few minutes and whatever you have read in the Bible it is not easy.  Also at the Inn of the Good Samaritan we saw more beautiful mosaic tile floors.  It is hard to believe  all of the  ancient ruins we have seen over the past week.  It is isn't easy for us to keep everything straight.

We then went ascended to Jerusalem and stopped for a beautiful view of the city from Mt. Scopus, home of Hebrew University, my alma matter for my Junior year abroad.  The view and the air were spectacular and we then descended upon a very busy Ben Yehuda street for lunch and some shopping.  
I am always so pleased to see Ben Yehuda a  closed street mall that has shops, cafes, street performers and it was so packed during this Pesach break. 

Friday night we were guests of Kol Haneshamah a progressive Reform congregation in Jerusalem.  

We all gathered had dinner together at the Dan Panorma and some of the group left with Rabbi Serotta for an evening visit to the Kotel, the Western Wall.  

Shabbat will bring more time in the Old City and Sunday is our B'nai Mitzvah. More later.