Friday, March 8, 2013

FAQ's for new bloggers:

 How often do you blog?

Sounds simple enough to answer but the answer is more nuanced then the question.  I believe I should blog enough that people stay interested but not too much that I am a pest.  As Shabbat approaches the best thing  for me is that there is no blogging on Shabbat and holidays.  So I am racing the clock to finish Shabbat dinner, blog a bit and then turn off, unplug and just rest and enjoy Shabbat.  I love Shabbat and not having the pressure to respond to everything electronic immediately is a real blessing.

Chader Ochel, Dining Hall, Chader Ochel, (Clap)
ready for Shabbat

Can you ever have too many pictures in a blog?

Again I am going to say people love the pictures and as I am leaving for Israel next week I know there are many, many pictures in my future.

How do you bring other people into your blog?

First, thank you to everyone for all of your the kind words as you have encouraged me on this journey. It is fun to see the comments!

 When a teacher has inspired you and mentored you it always important to not only thank them but to acknowledge them publicly.  As we go into the last Shabbat of Adar and we approach the month of Nisan I want to thank Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, (Rabbi Phyllis's blog) and Deborah Stern Harris,(Debbie's blog) for their teaching all things tech and social media to me.  You have been my mentors and inspiration and I can't thank you enough, especially for answering all my questions with grace and patience.

On to dinner.  Shabbat Shalom,  See you on the other side.

And let me just say it would have been MUCH easier putting in these pictures AND their blogs if Rabbi Phyllis and Debbie were sitting with me....but I know they are proud that I did it on my own)

Belated Announcement: Todah Rabah to Daniel Shore for helping brainstorm the name of the blog!