Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer is almost over but Elul is coming around the corner, Summer Suggestions to do

Lakeside at OSRUI
With the absence of very hot summer weather I suppose it is easier to imagine that Fall is around the corner.  Summer is a wonderful time to revive, restore, and rejuvenate.  Kallah Gimmel at OSRUI this summer where I was faculty was fantastic. What do we do at camp?  Check out my IMovie and you will see just a glimpse of what we do at summer camp. Working with madrichim, counselors, and chanichim, campers is my passion and studying Israel this summer was wonderful.  It was a bittersweet summer to study Israel and I have to be hopeful as I look to the future.

We still have a few weeks before we begin Religious School (Sunday September 7 at 10:00 am) and Hebrew school, (Tuesday, September 9 at 4:45 pm). You are probably thinking what could I do for the rest of the summer to get ready for the fall?  Look no farther I have a few ideas:

Now is the time to pick up a good book and finish it before the fall.  Need some suggestions?  Take a look at my Goodreads lists of Jewish books, books about Israel, or even someYoung adult books for some of the books I have been reading.  I am getting ready to read a few more before the summer is over.

Want to practice your Hebrew?  Come to Summer t'filot at Lakeside we start at 6:00 pm for a short outside service.  We will be JC Park Deerfield on August 22 otherwise right here at Lakeside.

Looking to practice Hebrew on your own at your house?  Check out Behrman House website for games and just to practice your Hebrew prayers.  You can listen and practice as much as you want, the computer never gets tired of working with you.

Be sure to register for Religious School and fill out paper work.  We want to see everyone's smiling face in the fall.

Religious and Hebrew school are important milestones for students.  I know I am biased but we have fun on Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons and this is just the first building block as you prepare to be a Jewish adult.  I have many students involved in many different competing activities from dance and sports, to drama and debate.  I like to say that my students may not become professional dancers, sports players or sing on Broadway but they will all become adult Jews.  I hope that the training they have at Lakeside stand them in good stead as they make their way through life.

If I do have a student who makes it big in any of the above arenas besides free tickets and a mention at the Oscars I hope that their Jewish education will continue to help them find their place in this world.  I hope that it will give them a strong Jewish identity and a basis to lead a happy and moral life.  As I continue to plan for this year I look forward to revving back up for the fall and hearing about everyone's summer experiences.
Hebrew Class at camp