Friday, August 29, 2014

#BlogElul 3 Bless

When I hear the word Bless I usually think about being blessed, praying or teaching brachot (blessings) or perhaps doing the parental blessings on Shabbat (Oh good word choice for today).  That is the beauty of #BlogElul, you can write about whatever moves you.

At Lakeside Congregation, I love teaching our students and their families how to pray.  By praying every week on Sunday morning before Religious School we hope to form a community and make it easier to pray together.  I had one Hillel director who told the community at the University of Michigan's High Holy Day services, and there was about 2500 of us that praying with this crowd, that praying together was like the a symphony orchestra.  However our orchestra was praying without ever practicing together.  Practicing to pray is not something you may think of but very important and in Elul we must begin the "practice"

This year on Sunday mornings our teachers will be presenting different prayers and our students will teach us what they mean and what they mean to them.  I am looking forward to a new prayer experience and I can say I feel blessed by my colleagues at Lakeside who will bring our community together and we will learn brachot/blessings together.  Shabbat Shalom