Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh, Once there was a Wicked, Wicked Man and Hamen was his name sir.....

Jerry Michaels at Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Oh, Once there was a Wicked, Wicked Man and Hamen was his name sir.  This song is my father's (Jerry Michaels) favorite and only song that he remembers from his Religious School Days at South Shore Temple. Every holiday during the year my father true to his nature sings this song and asks if it is the right holiday.  This week I tell him, yes you can sing this song and it's the RIGHT holiday.  This week we are ready for the song Dad.

Purim Spiel
I tried to find Wicked Wicked man on ITunes but I couldn't find it but I did find this youtube version in case you can't quite remember the tune.  Oh Once there was a wicked wicked man....  I know once you take a listen that this tune will be in your head all day.  Plan on coming to Lakeside sometime this weekend to hear it in person  or visit the synagogue of your choice; everyone sings this song on Purim!

At Lakeside we are preparing not only a Purim Spiel but a Purim Carnival as well.  This week in the Jewish calendar is always a rough one for me.  Getting all the prizes ready, pricing them.  Really what is the difference between the frog with the bulging eyes or the teeth with grills.  What will sell?  What will be leftover that we will have to try to sell again next year.

Last week during Rabbi Serotta's Shabbat d'var Torah he mentioned that in the Olam Habah, in the world to come, the only holiday we will still celebrate is Purim.  I must have groaned out loud when he said that
Rabbi Serotta
and mumbled to myself, "Oy I will still have to organize the Purim carnival."  Rabbi assured me that I would be able to delegate out the running of the Purim carnival at that time.

Rabbi also told us that Yom Kippur should also be like Purim, Yom HaKi PURIM.  I am sure some of us might like that as well, but  two carnivals a year may be one carnival too many.

I know you will enjoy our carnival especially the prizes in our Shekel prize booth redemption center.  Every year I do enjoy myself as I pick out the best prizes.  I know that the dead chicken, the silly putty that makes fart noises and the sticky hand will always be a winner.  Unfortunately I couldn't find the nose key ring which when you squeeze it snot comes out.  (snotty nose king ring pictured below is on EBAY, who knew?) There is always next year.