Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#BlogElul 13th of Tishri Epilogue

Just an image I found, not done by a child I know

I know that Elul is over but Rabbi Phyllis I think you should consider some type Epilogue to blogging Elul.  I have loved watching facebook posts of everyone's sermons, ones they gave or one they heard, great meals again either served or eaten.  I even liked to see how tired everyone said they  were after said activities.  I think everyone blogging Elul should do one more Blog to wrap up their year.  It would also give everyone discipline to do ONE more Blog.  After blogging Elul I have fallen off the grid as  many of us have.  There is so much to do as a professional Jew, we just don't a minute to ourselves during  Tishri, never mind time to blog.  I do think it would be great to see how Blogging Elul paid off for those blogging and it would  give the discipline for just one MORE Blog.
Sermon Bingo is Genius

I know for me I enjoyed the daily posts and it certainly got me in the frame of mind for the High Holy Days even though Rosh Hashanah was 2 days after Labor day.  I had one friend, (Daniel Shore) who did a sermon Bingo on Rosh Hashanah and he asked friends on Facebook to let him know who had heard a sermon on DOMA, Syria or the 50th  Anniversary of MLK's speech, I have a dream.  Fascinating to see that many people had heard many of these same topics.
After blogging Elul I was in a good frame of mind to listen to wonderful sermons, start writing my weekly Email articles, and was able to get  into the spirit much earlier.

It is not easy to find a Simchat Torah picture with a girl holding a Torah
I know it's almost Sukkot and we are again preparing for not just this holiday but we have Shabbat and Simchat Torah following quickly on its heels.  I liked blogging Elul and it gave me the feeling of what it is like to blog daily.  I would love to hear other peoples' Epilogue to blogging Elul.  I'd write more but I have got to catch up before Pizza in the Hut begins tomorrow.