Friday, April 26, 2013

What is a טקס (Teckes) and have you been a part of one?

Yahrzeit Candles for Yom Hashoah T'filah
As soon as you hit Spring in Jewish education/Jewish World it's one holiday and ceremony after another.  There is a great Hebrew word, טקס, (teckes), which means ceremony but when you hear the word you know the ceremony is important or at least special. In Israel a teckes could be a military ceremony of the highest order, any school graduation or a Purim Assembly.  At my congregation, Lakeside, we always have a teckes for Yom Hashoah.  We have a beautiful service, light yahrzeit candles and then have a speaker. I have not called it a teckes but it is certainly a teckes.
Karen Barak

This year our speaker was Karen Barak who is the child and grandchild of Holocaust survivors.  She told us what had happened to her family through pictures, song and story.  It was a moving program which our older students and parents were engaged throughout the morning.
Adam Teaching Hatikvah

Israel Solidarity DayTuesday May 16, on Yom Ha-atzmaout during Hebrew school we had a fun day of Israeli Dance, learning Hatikvah, and playing gaga a fun version of Israeli dodge ball.  We ended the day with a delicious Israeli treat of Hummus and pita. 

This weekend we have the opportunity to celebrate Israel Solidarity Day at Ravinia in Highland Park on Sunday April 28 which is also L'ag B'Omer.  There are many great entertainment acts and I think it will be a fun afternoon, AFTER Religious School.  Click here for more information: Israel Solidarity Day.

I love being a part of a bigger group and being part of Israel Solidarity day certainly does it for me.  I think being a part of any teckes happening at your congregation, your city or your community.   I love planning these ceremonies and being part of a teckes.  As the Spring moves on I hope you take part in many ceremonies, Jewish, secular and family. Enjoy and I have a few more ceremonies that I will be blogging about shortly.