Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Ta'am of Kibbutz Lotan

Alex from Kibbut Lotan

We were very pleased to have Alex Cicelsky visit our  Kitah Dalet and Gimmel Classes last week, right before Yom Ha-atzmautAlex  grew up in New York State and has a BSc in Soil and Water Sciences and Environmental Quality in Agriculture from the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture. Alex is a founding member of Kibbutz Lotan. Alex supervises the research interns at the Center for Creative Ecology and works on various planning and development projects in the EcoCampus Neighborhood and on the kibbutz.

Alex showed our students his slides of Kibbutz Lotan and all of the eco- projects they do at Lotan.  They have a program there:
Alex  talking to Ktiah Gimmel and Dalet
The Green Apprenticeship (GA) which trains participants to understand and create alternative solutions for the issues facing the modern world. You can even get college credit for this!

More on other school events soon!