Friday, April 24, 2015

Yom Ha-atzmaut, Israel Independence Day and VOTE for ARZA: LAST CHANCE

The news from Israel has been so exciting this week.  On Rosh Chodesh, the first of the month when you can read Torah, the Woman of the Wall actually read from a large size Torah at the Kotel, Western Wall in Jerusalem and my niece who is on EIE for her Junior of high school was there.
This week Israel went from the seriousness of Yom Hazikaron, memorial day to the ebullience of Yom Ha-atzmaut, Independence day.  I love watching my Facebook feed as my friends, family and colleagues as they celebrate, post pics, videos, songs and fireworks about the week in Israel. It's almost like you are there but you are not.

One way to have your voice from the United States count in Israel is vote in the World Zionist Organizations elections and vote for ARZA.  This vote will help send more people to the WZO congress in October and they will vote on what types of projects will be funded in Israel.  Whether progressive programs will be funded or Orthodox schools and projects.  For $10 anyone age 18 and older can vote in this election.  It is so important for everyone to vote in this election.  This is a vote for progressive Zionism in Israel, for egalitarian programs, staff and so much more.  ARZA, the Reform Zionist Association has even more to tell you about the importance of these elections.  Our own Rabbi Ike Serotta is on the slate of Reform participants and if we get a high percentage of the votes he may be able to go to the Zionist Congress in Israel in October to vote on all of these issues. Voting closes on Thursday April 30th!

Let me know if you vote and I will be reporting back and will let you know how many votes ARZA got in these elections.