Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shabbat and Halloween 2014: Challenge or Not?

Halloween and Shabbat
This year Shabbat and Halloween are on the same night.  This may not pose a problem for some families as they will trick and treat and then light Shabbat candles (or not).  At Lakeside we made a strategic decision to have T'filot at 7:30 pm and hope that more people will be in attendance.

There are many articles on this topic including a great article by Edmon Rodman in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.  How do I feel it is a complicated topic.

The first year I was an educator and Halloween fell on Hebrew school date I was determined have Hebrew school.  I had less then 10 students out of 100 attend that afternoon.   Thank goodness Halloween has not been on a Tuesday for a few years.  Now with the hours of Halloween not just strictly recommended by each local city but most families adhere to these hours.  I have watched Halloween over the years become not just a much bigger American celebration but it also heralds the beginning of the Christmas season as well.

Challah with Candy
We do not celebrate Halloween at Lakeside or at any synagogue or Jewish pre-school.  We don't come in costumes or give out candy.  We certainly acknowledge that our students trick or treat and are part of American culture in this arena.  Could we add a Challah filled with candy as seen in Tablet Magazine?
Purim 2014-5744
I hope that you remember that our holiday with costumes is Purim.  The rule in my house was whatever you wear for Halloween you wear again at Purim.  Enjoy Halloween and keep those costumes for Purim 2015!  If I don't see you at Halloween I will see you at Purim!