Friday, May 30, 2014

The Journey Continues High School Graduation, 2nd Grade and Confirmation

The week began with Ethan's graduation from High School.  It was a proud moment to remember.  Last child to move on to college is certainly a milestone and we look forward to many more.  I was struck by Ethan's graduation and my visit to Washington DC and confirmation.

While staying with my daughter in Washington DC.  I visited her 2nd grade classroom and as always I realize how important her work is with her students.  I showed them an iMovie about Ethan's graduation and we had a conversation about how important a High School diploma is for everyone.  I explained that after High School Ethan will go to college and that is also very important and another step in the right direction.

I explained to get a good job you must continue studying, you need to know how to read, do math and without these skills it is not easy in this world.  I know that every day in 2nd grade is hard to connect how the math tests and grammar lessons translate to High School graduation never mind a job.  I know that the students are inspired by her teaching and they have learned quite a bit from her.

This is not an easy job and although there are many rewards in teaching there are just as many challenges.  I have always admired teachers, whether in public school, Religious School and at any age.  It is not an easy profession and we need to look at our schools and students and help them learn so they can be successful in life.

Another milestone which all of my children achieved is Confirmation.  At Lakeside our confirmands are in 10th grade and our service is on Shavuot, Wednesday June 4, at  7:00 pm.

Again it may not be easy to connect staying in Religious School and becoming a Jewish adult  and living Jewishly at University but I encourage all my B'nai Mitzvah students to continue with Confirmation and study with Rabbi Serotta.  You may not need a confirmation certificate to find a job but we know it will enrich your life.  Please join us for this beautiful service.  I have always enjoyed confirmation and I know that this year's class will not disappoint us.   I look forward to more milestones with my personal children and my other children, my students.  I look forward to seeing you at Confirmation.