Thursday, October 31, 2013

#Throw Back Thursday and why do old pictures get more comments then interesting articles?

This week's #TBT
For the past  few weeks I have been posting pictures for Throw back Thursday.  I am always astonished how much interest these pictures always get.  I think that sometimes we forget how many different sets of friends we have on Facebook and how they interact with our different posts.  What is evident is that everyone enjoys a good picture.

I have most of the pictures I have taken in the past 6 years digitally on this computer.  I really need to get my even old pictures converted to digital and then I could quite the time on Throw back Thursdays.

I do enjoy all types of social media and I like spreading the word on new articles, tweets, books or whatever I come across on line.  I subscribe to a few different email blasts which help me find the newest and latest articles.  I like   ejewishphilanthropy and Tablet Magazine to name just two to get the latest on the Jewish world.

My twitter feed is also full of secular and Jewish sites.  It is not often that both my secular and Jewish feeds trend on the same topic and when they do converge it makes for an interesting twitter feed for me.

Well back to looking at social media, posting pictures and keeping up with our ever changing world.  Wait one more pictures for #TBT
Now Ethan coaches this Schechter team!