Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I love to Read!

Just the NEW BOOKS in theYoung Adult Section
Deerfield Library
I have always loved reading since I was a toddler.  My parents swear they toilet trained me by putting a pile of books by my potty seat.

My favorite part of 4th and 5th grade Public school was the WHOLE hour on Friday when we could do "free reading" and sit quietly for 60 minutes and read.  I realize now it was not just a good idea but the teacher was probably taking a break too.

 When I would go weekly to our public library in Crystal Lake, Illinois where I grew up with my Mom and sister I would check out as many books as I was allowed.  As I got older I actually read through the young adult section of my Crystal Lake library, ( I am sure there are
MORE books there now).  I distinctly remember in Junior High that I read A Separate Peace commonly now assigned to High School students.  I now know that  I didn't really understand  the book but I didn't have many books to choose from.   I began reading adult books at an early age including all of James Michner's books: The Source, The Drifters, Hawaii, Poland, you name it.  I also read many books by Leon Uris including QBVII, Exodus, Trinity and Mila 18.  I loved all of these books and have fond memories of them.
Part of Lakeside Congregation Library

What I wouldn't given for the children's and young adult section like you can find at my newly rebuilt  public library.  I love all of the different book sections including the books on CD.  Deerfield also has a section for book groups which has many copies of the same book including many Jewish books.

My library at Lakeside Congregation also has a great selection of Jewish books and our librarian, Margaret keeps everything up to date and current.  I am proud of our collection and our students and families take advantage and check out books regularly during the year.

Exodus by Leon Uris

I love reading young adult books today and maybe this stems from not having enough books when I was of age.  I enjoy not just the Vampire series but other genres as well.   I did read The Hunger Games before all 3 books had even been published.  I am now a big fan of the dystopian young adult books and have read quite a few.  Interested in my book list take a look on my Goodreads, a site/app which keeps track for me all the books I have read and more importantly those I WANT to read.

I enjoy reading and my summer list so far includes for my Jewish books:
The Wayward Moon by Janice Weizman, The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker,  What we talk about when we talk about Anne Frank by Nathan Englander, The List by Martin Fletcher and Sweet Dates in Basra by Jessica Jiji.  My non Jewish book list reads:  Paris by Edward Rutherford, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and a few more too many to list here.  Take a look on Goodreads though.  Have a great summer and take up a book; there's nothing good on TV anyway.